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    As a specialized boutique firm obsessed with providing outstanding service, we focus our limited resources on our existing valuable clients. One way we accomplish that is to ignore external distractions. Unfortunately, many submissions we receive from this form don't add value for our clients and do not earn a response. Please be very specific in your communication if you wish to hear back from us.

    If you wish to engage with one of our represented artists for speaking engagements, interviews, or presentations, please identify your organization, the purpose of the inquiry, and the artist you wish to contact.

    If you are an artist seeking representation, note we are highly selective. Please provide links to articles, posts, or other examples of your work. If we are interested, we will request further details. Please do not submit unsolicited materials for our review.

    If you are a vendor seeking to do business with us, understand that our needs are currently being met by outstanding partners with long-term relationships. On the rare occasions we seek a new partnership, we contact firms with the highest reputations directly. Your message needs to be compelling and specific to generate a response.